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By Travis Reed e interior design of your practice is something that most owners tend to ignore over time. It's oen not in- tentional—you and your team are in the space daily and may not realize what's become, well, eyesores. To start figuring out the visual problems so you can come up with better-looking solutions, ask some of your new patients or someone right off the street to answer five questions from this list (or come up with your own): • What was your first impression of the interior as you walked in? • What about our interior design needs updating most? • Do you like our current color scheme? • Do you feel the artwork is up to date? • Is the guest seating attractive and comfortable? • Did you find the restrooms clean and appealing? • Should the flooring be updated? • Is our front desk appealing and functional? • Do you find the lighting sufficient? • Are the frame fixtures to your liking? e free service SurveyMonkey. com allows you to set up questions online and provides a link that you can use on a tablet or email out. Consider giving a small free gi or discount on purchase aer patients fill out the survey so they feel their time is appreciated. Aer you get the necessary feed- back, go over the results with the whole team and the owner. Find out if anything about the interior is not working on a functional level and address those issues first, as they may be preventing you from additional potential revenue. Once you have a punch list of what needs to be changed, consider some of these ideas that can dynamically update your overall interior. ere are lower and higher-priced options. LOWER COST Art: Many practices have wall decor that is easily 10 to 40 years old. Consider a clean, modern look with stretched canvas prints with no frame, and choose ones that are at least two inches in thickness. allows you to search art- work via genre, subject matter and color, so choose an interior pop of color and keep that theme through- out the next choices as well. row pillows: Once you have chosen an accent color for your interior, you can add pillows with more of that color through- out the lobby area. row pillows on love seats and sofas add a cozy, homey touch. Paint: Figure out where you might be able to place your accent color on walls. Make sure the area is not too large, walls that are only 10-15 feet wide are oen ideal, and that there is nothing else on them other than art or a mirror. e color becomes a design in itself. Get color swatches from a paint or home repair store and match the paint to your artwork and throw pillow color. is color could be sprinkled throughout the interior, perhaps on every other hallway wall, or on one or two walls in the optical display area. You can also paint one wall in each exam room and restroom. Flowers: Real flowers are the 88 September 2017 INSIDE JOB BusinessSolutions Using plants to enhance table top displays Paint an accent color Before Before After EYE Designs mockup for center area After

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