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September 2017 87 WebSystem3 Prime Nexus is a new cloud-based patient relationship management system by EyeCare Prime, a sub- sidiary of CooperVision. Devel- oped specifically for optometry, the Prime Nexus platform offers email, phone and text-based communica- tion features that enable practices to maximize appointment book- ing, improve patient retention and streamline office efficiencies to pro- pel practice success. Prime Nexus is compatible with major practice management systems so that on- line appointment confirmations are automatically updated in the practice's calendar. Practices also have the capability to send automatic post-appoint- ment survey requests to patients via text message and email, and com- pleted reviews can be automatically published to a dedicated practice review web page to save staff time. Prime Nexus also includes custom- izable email campaigns, with a full library of pre-written emails dedi- cated to eyecare. Created by an eye doctor, WebSystems3 caters specif- ically to ECPs. Solutionreach While Solutionreach isn't exclu- sively focused on the eyecare in- dustry, it offers patient commu- nications tools via text, email and phone for reminders and reviews, and there is value in knowing the program has been widely tested across many practice circumstanc- es. Texts will utilize the actual office phone number, and the office will receive responses through an In- stant Message interface on an office computer. e system has the abil- ity to send one text listing all fam- ily members' appointments; some platforms are unable to distinguish this and cause multiple texts to be sent to one person. Solutionreach also offers the ability to keep a dig- ital waiting list. Users are then able to send a blast message out to the patients on the waiting list when an opening arises. Finally, Solution- reach allows each customer to be communicated with in their indi- vidual language preference. Demandforce Demandforce is another platform forged in the fire of multiple practice to review the demographics of patients who were unable to be contacted through one modality or another. is helps secure future marketing avenues with each patient. tually find this feature preferable. Demandforce also limits its rob- ocalling to regular business hours and offers a prompt to immediately speak to a staff member. is helps the office handle any issues that may arise with a patient. Demandforce has a digital waiting list called the "Hot List" that can be used to fill unexpected openings in the day. Whether you are looking to de- crease your daily no show rate or to simply stay abreast of the latest automation technology, you will find an online demonstration to be highly informative. While it may be some time before the lean man- agement techniques of automation are ready to be launched in the other facets of the eyecare practice, these companies have proven that the patient communication side is both available and intuitive. Mark Clark, ABOC, is founder of iProfit Group, a healthcare investment consulting firm disciplines. e platform strives to be very HIPAA compliant through regular auditing. While each of these systems has a compact type of dash- board to track no-show rates and practice metrics, Demandforce had one noticeable difference. Each day, staff members are prompted Another key feature of Demand- force is the ability to target internal marketing by purchase history or even diagnosis codes. e appoint- ment scheduling system is not a live scheduler but sends requests only. Some offices wanting to have strict scheduling control may ac- WHERE TO FIND IT: 4PatientCare 877.777.9078 • // WebSystem3 866.575.3937 • // Solutionreach 800.995.8444 • // Demandforce 800.220.1136 • VCPN Photo courtesy of 4PatientCare Photo courtesy of WebSystem3

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