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VCPN base curve—a steep one instead of a flatter one. Nearly every Rx lens caster offers a wrap lens solution. Some clear- ly market this option as a brand. For example, Shamir's Attitude III is available in a wrap sunwear version. Other companies include a steep lens option inside select- ed brands. For example, Younger Optics offers the Image WRAP NuPolar polarized polycarbonate progressive design with an effec- tive blank size of 83mm, and Carl Zeiss Vision labels its newest wrap lenses lenses "Sport" within select- ed lens brands. Upper end sunwear compa- nies such as Bollé, Oakley, Wiley X, Rudy Project, Smith Optics, Costa, SPY Optics and others have all learned the value of pre- mium wrap lenses that have been compensated for their steep base, tilt, prism and other parame- ters. eir lenses have evolved into a highly complex array of films and treatments combined with compensated optics to de- liver features that enhance the wearer's experiences, including scratch resistance, anti-reflective, mirrors, anti-fog, hydrophobic, oleophobic, polarization, pho- tochromic properties, UV, blue light and more. While higher prescriptions on a steeper base curve call for a lens thicker than what is normally available, both lens casters and surfacing labs have found solu- tions for this. For example, FEA Industries uses a special process of blending lenticularization into the lens. Carl Zeiss Vision has de- veloped a soware program that uses free-form lens calculations to make the lens aspheric and reduce its thickness. e bene- fit of this technique is that the lens comes out of the generator already thinned and with opti- mal optics; no other treatment is needed. All ZEISS Sport lenses use this feature. One of the difficulties of pro- ducing wrap eyewear is that it's challenging to keep a steep base curve lens in a frame. Most lenses use their rim to encircle the lens's bevel, which on a conventional edger would be cut at the wrong angle because of the grinding wheel's bevel shape and location. Equipment manufacturers such as Briot (Luneau Technology USA), Coburn Technologies, Es- silor Instruments, Santinelli In- ternational, MEI, Optek and oth- ers offer edger systems that can adjust a lens's bevel for high base curve frames and create dramatic and custom edge bevels and con- figurations. e wrap lens market is fairly small, but its technology has be- come very advanced. Consider- ing the low percentage of Rx sun- wear that's sold to patients each year, it's clear this category has plenty of room to grow. Ed De Gennaro is editor emeritus of First Vision Media Group. VisionCareTechnology WHERE TO FIND IT: Bollé 800.222.6553 • // Briot USA 800.292.7468 • • // Carl Zeiss Vision, Inc. 800.358.8258 • // Coburn Technologies, Inc. 800.262.8761 • CoburnTechnologies. com • // Costa 800.447.3700 • • // Essilor Instruments USA 855.393.4647 • // FEA Industries, Inc. 800.327.2002 • • // MEI S.r.l. 847.357.0323 • • // Oakley, Inc. 800.733.6255 • // Rudy Project North America 888.860.7597 • • SRiding@ // Santinelli International, Inc. 800.644.3343 • • // Shamir Insight, Inc. 877.514.8330 • • // SMITH 888.206.2995 • // SPY 800.779.3937 • // Wiley X, Inc. 800.776.7842 • • // Younger Optics 800.366.5367 • YoungerOptics. com • September 2017 77 MODULARITY TO FIT EVERY PRACTICE SET-UP EXAM LANE SET enhance your expertise in the exam room with your special package: * sTAndArd * AdvAnced * premIUm Learn More Today ! 855-393-4647 Photo courtesy of Santinelli Photo courtesy of FEA

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