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September 2017 47 JS: What inspires your designs? SB: I didn't want to do typical eye- wear because I thought if I make regular luxury sunglasses it may not work out for me because I don't have the name [recognition]. Let me go ahead and shock with bi- zarre, crazy fashion so I can even- tually do luxury, and that is literally the concept of how that happened. JS: You've used some interesting materials. What are the materials you like working with in eyewear? SB: I've done some crazy stuff, sun- glasses with burning cigarettes, candles. I'm doing a music video and there's candles burning, so I just put candles on sunglasses. It was more of an artistic expression. It's not like I'm selling those specif- ic products. I've made sunglasses from a lot of different materials, but the one I think I don't want to go back to is wood. I made a col- lection of wooden sunglasses, and they were very fragile. JS: When you're designing and it's not for a celebrity, what type of wearer are you envisioning? SB: I design for the mood I'm in. Hot outside, I need big giant black glasses. Cold outside, I want a per- spective I can see through. I never design with people in mind, unless a client wants something custom. I mean, people pay up to $600 for a pair of reading sunglasses and some people pay up to $3,000 for mine because they're looking for this artistic expression. e couture ones are one offs, but the luxury glasses are not. I partnered with EDA Frames for my luxury sunglasses, and they're get- ting them into certain stores. JS: en when you're designing for a superstar like Lady Gaga or Elton John or someone like that, what is it that you try to achieve for them? SB: I always have a conversation. ey come to me, and I just listen to whatever their perspective is or what they like. at's how I can vi- sualize. I don't want to sound artis- tically crazy, but designing is really not that hard. I don't do it the tra- ditional way. I literally don't draw. I don't stay on the computer and do CAD. I don't do any of that. I simply sit at a table and make a mockup. It doesn't require a team of peo- ple when I design. When I do lux- ury glasses, I do a couture version– which is handmade, of course, not manufactured. en I'll send a pic- ture to EDA Frames which makes it professional with the CAD files and the designs and the measurements. JS: What's next for Stevie Boi in eyewear and beyond? SB: I directed a film I'm releas- ing next year entitled CÄBIN e Story which you can find on my website. It got picked up by a lot of film festivals including South by Southwest. I released a book en- titled Shade Built My Empire, and I'm touring all around the world showcasing my collection. Walk Fashion Show has me headlining a lot of their shows, so I'm tour- ing with them. I'm producing TV shows and all types of stuff. VCPN S B S h a d e s · S t e v i e B o i . c o m · I n f o @ S t e v i e B o i . c o m

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