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He's a dynamic doer. Not only has he just launched his spring/sum- mer 2018 eyewear collection, but he's also released a book, directed a film and expanded into social and other media. Shade Built My Empire is the name of Stevie Boi's new book, alluding to how his otherworldy sunwear brought him international notoriety. "is year's NOIR, will have a darker, edgier feel," he said about his just released spring/sum- mer 2018 collection. More than an accomplished eye- wear designer, he recounts in this year's autobiography his brand's growth from its roots in sunwear design, and his debut of CÄBIN e Story, a film he wrote, directed and stars in, demonstrates the ver- satility of the boi genius. But it is his eyewear that made him famous when he first appeared on the cover of Vogue Italia, followed most recently by the release of the NOIR S/S 2018 collection, which plays up his favorite color, black. Stevie Boi has outfitted the likes of Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Madonna, Britney Spears, Katy Per- ry and many other A-list celebrities whose unique fashion sense sets trends rather than follows them. During an international tour to promote the new NOIR collection, Stevie Boi hosted a fashion show at Manhattan's Bernic Hotel. VCPN's John Sailer interviewed the design- er about the new collection and his approach to eyewear: JOHN SAILER: What's your back- ground? STEVIE BOI: My entire family comes from a criminal law back- ground. I went to law school, but it didn't feel right. I'm more artistic and out there. I dropped out of college af- ter focusing on finishing high school because my mom kept telling me when you finish high school you can go do all the creative stuff. Of course, I finished high school and she still didn't let me. So I moved out when I was about 17 and focused on being an adult and being creative. at's how I decided to get into fashion. I was already destined to be in the spotlight because I was way too connected with so many different individuals in the fashion industry. Just like everybody else, I started doing shirts, but because I would make sunglasses for me to wear on a daily basis, [one of my fash- ion friends] said, "You really need to capitalize off these sunglasses. ey're so unique and different and crazy and bizarre, just make more." I did and then they ended up on the face of Eva Marcille Pigford from Top Model on the cover of a magazine. From then they went on a whole bunch of celebrities. 46 September 2017 Stevie Boi Wonder T h e a v a n t - g a r d e d e s i g n e r i s b a c k i n b l a c k w i t h h i s w i l d s i g n a t u r e s u n w e a R . Stevie Boi VCPN Eye we a r & Fa s h i o n I n t e r v i e w

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