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Page 21 of 99 VCPN Transforming lives through the gift of vision proud supporters of so that every child can see their future clearly Take the Challenge this October Why children especially need our help? Children with vision problems are to fail at least one grade. times more likely of the school day involves visually based tasks. 70% Visit or call 888-OGS-GIVE to register or to learn more How do I take the challenge? 3 Make a personal, practice donation, pledge and/or 3 Donate $2 for every pair of frames or glasses sold during October and/or 3 Raise funds from patients, employees, friends and family. Photo courtesy Ver Bien para Aprender Mejor 20 September 2017 e first thing many peo- ple see in the morning is their smartphone—e Vision Coun- cil's Digital Eye Strain report showed that 55% use one as an alarm clock. Email and reading news make this device an inte- gral part of morning routines. Many people then go to work and sit in front of their comput- er until close of business. Re- turning home, laptops, tablets and smartphones remain a part of life. e AOA's Eye-Q survey in 2016 showed the role screens play in our life. A 61% majority use multiple devices simultaneously, with 58% saying they experience digital eyestrain or fatigue as a re- sult of screen time. I see patients who think they have a serious vi- sion problem when their vision is blurry and they have a headache at the end of the work day. How- ever, they don't usually consider time spent on digital devices as the cause. e visual demands of holding a smartphone at a short- er working distance are far great- er than a book. Educating patients on the causes and ways to alleviate eye fatigue should be an important part of every patient's annual eye exam. Patients need to be aware of the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 min- utes, look 20 feet away for 20 When Eyes Need a Break Christopher J. Babin, OD, and Charlene Walton, OD, are mem- bers of Optometric Physicians of Washington and among the 18,000 doctors listed on the Think About Your Eyes online locator. Think About Your Eyes is a nationwide public awareness initiative pro- moting the importance of an an- nual eye exam and overall vision health. First Vision Media Group supports Think About Your Eyes as a media partner. seconds. is gives eyes a break from focusing on items in close range. Dimming screen light can also alleviate symptoms. Using lamps rather than overhead light can reduce screen glare. Keeping devices at least an arm's length away helps eyes with focusing. Also discuss the benefits of an- ti-reflective lenses for reducing digital eyestrain. An annual eye exam provides the perfect opportunity to check in with patients about their screen time and device habits, which is why I'm proud to sup- port ink About Your Eyes and the importance of annual eye exams. Babin Walton

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