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XX September 2017 FLEX APPEAL Here at SPINE we solve complex problems through intelligent en- gineering. Form follows function and aesthetics are dictated by technology and the solutions their relationship offers. Science takes center stage. Inspired by the interaction between vertebrae, SPINE solves age-old hinge limitations. Unencumbered by traditional parts and manufacturing processes, we strive to out-think the competition. Globally patented, you can be assured there is no substi- tute, so don't accept one. SPINE hinges grip all day long, morphing to fit any face shape and head size, all with the lightest of touch. Temples open and close smoothly and gradually without flicking and traditional "dead" points. ere are no screws loose here - because there are no screws used in SPINE working mechanics. Acci- dental impacts are glanced off as SPINE moves in all directions, absorbing and dissipating shocks which greatly reduces breakage. Temples shut automatically. Yes, they really do. STYLES GALORE SPINE has a new and expanded collection with the introduction of the new 4.6 hinge. is hinge has the same performance as the 7.5, just half the size! Now SPINE has two great options. e original 7.5 hinge provides a strong statement which perfectly displays the signature hinge that is unmistakably SPINE, while the 4.6 hinge gives way to a more sub- tle and minimalist look. Both have the same performance that you have come to expect from Spine. Of the 17 styles, 11 are optical, made up of seven plastic and four metal hinge designs. e remaining six are sun styles made up of two metal and four plastic hinge designs. Merchandising materials for SPINE in- clude an acrylic logo block and a countercard. ENGINEERED FOR COMFORT AND FUNCTIONALITY Along with a multitude of styles to choose from, SPINE eyewear offers its users a variety of key design and performance features. Signature tips offer vertebrae-engineered technology for better grip and reduced slipping, while signature nosepads encased in the highest quality of silicone provide the perfect fit and maximum comfort. A signature end piece machine milled to echo the front housing of the hinge, which maintains top-tier performance now at only half the original size, creates a seamless integration from temple to front. September 2017 9 M O N D O T T I C A U S A 8 6 6 . 6 6 6 . 3 6 6 2 • M o n d o t t i c a u s a . c o m • C u s t o m e r S e r v i c e @ M o n d o t t i c a u s a . c o m MONDOTTICA LAUNCHING SPINE AT VISION EXPO WEST 2017 A D V E R T O R I A L

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