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MAY 2017

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"Very simply, I usually say to patients, 'Certainly we know, that we need to protect our eyes from ultraviolet light. We're now finding out that blue light is the new UV. And so it's critical that we have that protection from both.'" Dr. Susan Keene Envision Eye Care Marion, VA "I tell patients that there are anti-glare coatings that can help prevent blue light transmissions, and of course Transitions ® lenses are going to be your best option because they're not only going to prevent the harmful blue light rays but give you the UV protection." Dr. Heather Demos Family Eye Care Centers Huron, OH LEARN MORE WITH THE TRANSITIONS VIDEO LEARNING LIBRARY Eyecare professionals can ed- ucate colleagues and patients about harmful blue light and how they can help protect the eyes through episode 3 of the Transitions Video Learning Li- brary. The "Blue Light" video explains harmful blue light and its most common sources as well as reviews how much harmful blue light each Transi- tions ® lens filters so eyecare professionals can feel confi- dent recommending Transi- tions lenses as a solution for filtering harmful blue light. The entire Transitions Video Learning Library is a new se- ries of short educational vid- eos that eyecare profession- als can view and share with associates and patients. Each video is accompanied by a one-page activity guide that reinforces key information and gives insights on how eyecare professionals can apply what they have learned. Interested eyecare professionals can ac- cess the videos and activity guides through the Transitions PRO website or by going to w w w. Tr a n s i t i o n s P R O . c o m / VideoLearningLibrary SPONSORED CONTENT Discussing Harmful Blue Light with Patients SPONSORED BY TRANSITIONS ® ADAPTIVE LENSES ® Harmful blue light is a hot topic among patients of all ages. But what's the best way to help pa- tients understand what harmful blue light is and what steps they should be taking to ensure their eyes are protected? Members of the Transitions Pro Forum share what works for them… "I ask every single patient 'How do you protect your eyes from the sun?' And they all have to think about it. From there, I go on with 'Well, the sunlight, which includes ultraviolet light and blue light, is absolutely very damaging for your eyes. More damaging for your eyes than it is your skin. So, the first thing we're going to talk about is: How do you protect your eyes from the sun?' And then I tell them, 'I'm wearing Transitions ® lenses' and they all usually gasp because they're so clear. They don't see any difference. And I'll say, 'I love them and the reason I wear them is because it protects me against the ultraviolet light and the blue light.'" Dr. Carole Burns Professional VisionCare Westerville, OH Transitions, the swirl and Transitions Adaptive Lenses are registered trademarks of Transitions Optical, Inc., used under license by Transitions Optical Limited. Photochromic performance is influenced by temperature, UV exposure and lens material. Dr. Carole Burns Dr. Susan Keene Dr. Heather Demos

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