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VisionCar VCPN The Essentials LOW - TECH EQUIPMENT THAT EVERY OPTICAL DISPENSARY NEEDS. Richard W. McCoy, BA, LDO, ABOC, NCLEC With technological breakthroughs almost daily in the optical indus- try, there is still a basic founda- tion of equipment that every eye- care professional needs. AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Frames are the platform for Rx lenses and require a variety of hand tools to attain proper posi- tion on the patient's face. Hilco's ErgoPro Nylon Grip- ping Pliers' protective nylon jaws make adjusting metal frames a snap, and their ergonomic cush- ion handles take care of a busy day of adjustments. Also by Hil- co, the ErgoPro Eyewire Shaper Pliers' two nylon jaws cut to a precise radius to help shape a frame eyewire to conform and "seat" a lens properly. Nosepad adjustments are quick and easy with the Slim Nose Pad Arm Adjusting Pliers from Opti- Source International. e slim jaw design allows for the adjustment of most nosepad arm configurations, and the concave jaw supports the important nosepad mount during an adjustment. Changing stubborn, tight nosepads is no problem with OptiSource's Nose Pad Removal Pliers, useful on all snap-in style nosepad mounts. ey push the pad out of the holder without stressing the guard arm mount- ing or fitting angles. Repairing or assembling eye- wear that uses a nylon cord for lens attachment is quick and easy with Western Optical Sup- ply's Rimlon Harpoon tool. is handy tool easily grabs the nylon cord to remove a lens or manip- ulate the cord to aid in new eye- wear assembly. Compression mount rimless eyewear becomes much easier when using Western's PJ Post Pushing Pliers. e parallel jaw design enables the technician to use minimal effort to push out old compression bushings from existing lenses for replacement. GETTING WARMER High-tech frame designs that require heat for lens insertion need quality frame warmers such as OptiSource's Digital Hot Air Frame Warmer. The bright LED readout lets the technician know the tempera- ture of the unit from 104⁰F to 302⁰F. In addition, the unit is specially vented to contain the heat to the specific area of a frame during eyewear assembly. Hilco's TempMaster Deluxe Hot Air Frame Warmer uti- lizes two heat settings and one separate cooling setting. In ad- dition, the fan has a dial control to change the velocity of the air to protect the frame during heating. Finally, an optional heat concentrator is available to con- strict the flow of heat to a specif- ic area of the frame. IN-HOUSE TINTING Another important low-tech op- eration is lens tinting. BPI's Tur- bo 2 and Turbo 4 tinting units utilize infrared light from ceram- ic heating chambers, allowing the lenses to be heated to a higher temperature, resulting in better tint penetration and color consis- tency. Automatic stirring systems inside the units assure the full use of the dye in the tank. e OptiSafe Digital Super Tinter from Phantom Research Laboratories is a single quart tank heating system combin- ing digital temperature control, Hilco's ErgoPro Eyewire Shaper Pliers shape a frame eyewire to conform and "seat" a lens properly. The Rimlon Harpoon from Western Optical helps ECPs work with lenses attached by nylon cord. VisionCareTechnology 56 May 2017

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