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APR 2016

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V C T VISIONCAREPRODUCTS.COM VCPN WHERE TO FIND IT: AIT Industries, Inc. (Weco) 800.729.1959 • • // Briot (Visionix) 800.292.7468 • // Coburn Technologies, Inc. 800.262.8761 • // Essilor Instruments USA 855.EZ.FINISH • • // MEI S.r.l. 847.357.0323 • • // Santinelli International, Inc. 800.644.3343 • • ing to work. The use of the Gravitech tracing system allows a digital "pic- ture" to be taken of a lens shape as well as hole and notch placement by simply putting a sample shape on the tracing stage. The trace is completed in seconds. Because it uses neither clamps to hold the frame nor styluses that could apply too much pressure, among the advantages of this type of system is the undistorted reproduc- tion of the lens. Even with the massive amount of data this machine gath- ers on just one job, it can store up to 10,000 shapes or 5,000 jobs. New stylus-free shape recognition found on systems such as the Briot Perception can determine the exact bevel required to match a frame's curve in the X, Y and Z axes. It does this by balancing a demo lens front- side down on the tracing stage. The machine then maps the lens curves in much the same way modern cor- neal mapping machines do using patented Gravitech technology. Exact matching of these surfaces makes it possible to edge lenses so the frame is not fattened or misshaped when the lenses are inserted. This is an impor- tant factor to ensure the fnished eye- wear will maintain a snug ft on the patient, especially since many plastic, nylon and composite frames have very little adjustment. FAMILY OF TRACERS From Essilor Instruments USA comes an entire group of tracers known as the Tess Family. These include the Tess, the E-Tess and the L-Tess, with capabili- ties that expand from the frst version to the last. All offer binocular tracing of all shapes, including the most in- tricate and high curved. An optional barcode reader is available on all three. While the base Tess model can store 200 integrated shapes in its memory, the E-Tess and the L-Tess can each memorize 1,000. In addition to the base model, the E-Tess also adds a one- to-one scale shape display to easily validate scanned images and a large set of shape modifcations. In addition to that, the L-Tess features a raised tilted touch screen and increased motor ro- bustness for higher production. There is a lot more to your tracer than the on/off button. The more you know about the technology behind your unit, the better you'll be able to use it. Michael Frandsen, ABOC, NCLE, is the owner of Quality Perfor- mance Ophthalmic, Inc., a custom service optical laboratory in South Jordan, UT. The top of the Tess line of tracers from Essilor Instruments, the L-Tess features a raised tilted touch screen.

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