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WHERE TO FIND IT: Bollé 800.222.6553 • • // ClearVision Optical Co. 800.645.3733 • // Costa 800.447.3700 • // Liberty Sport 800.444.5010 • • // Rudy Project 888.860.7597 • • // Silhouette Optical 800-223-0180 • // Wilex X, Inc. 800.776.7842 • • into the frame with the three holes lo- cated on each side of the frame front just before the temple hinge. The Revo Cusp S by ClearVision Optical also offers built-in ventilation; the high 8-base wrap lenses have four discreet holes on the lower peripheral side. 2. INTERCHANGEABLE LENSES A wearer's ideal lens color varies de- pending on the activity, the environ- ment and, of course, personal prefer- ence. Styles featuring interchangeable lenses offer a workable, convenient so- lution. Bollé's 5th Element Pro within the Competitor series by Vista Out- door Optical Division is a shield-type from Wiley X, the WX Sleek features a patented, removable Facial Cavity Seal designed to block out the elements. When the user removes the insert, this sports sunglass morphs into a casual pair. The Liberty Sport's Rider Collec- tion, the Pursuit and its larger cousin, the Pursuit XL, incorporate Powered by Switch eyecups, which offer protec- tion from the elements. Wearers can snap the Z-87 certifed suns on and off with ease and speed. 5. ADJUSTABLE FRAMES Selling sports sunwear becomes a much easier task when the styles you carry have adjustable frames. The evil eye evo pro from adidas Sport by Silhouette Optical features TRI.FIT temples that adjust to three levels to increase or decrease pantoscopic tilt. Their four-position nose bridge of- fers adjustable, custom comfort for a range of bridge sizes and shapes. Jackie O'Keefe, LDO, is a writer, speaker, course preparer and consultant in the Tidewater area of Virginia. F & E VCPN VISIONCAREPRODUCTS.COM 50 // APRIL 2016 model with a vented, interchangeable Trivex lens. 3. SAFETY Impact resistance—should be a key component of any athlete's sunwear considerations. Rudy Project's Syn- form styles enable wearers to check this concern off their list. Synform eyewear is completely foldable, with- out any sharp edges, and features the company's signature Safety Hinge sys- tem. This technology, paired with du- rable Grilamid frame material, mini- mizes injury during an impact or fall. 4. PROTECTION FROM THE ELEMENTS Wind, debris, dust, airborne objects, refections and the sun all contribute to wearers' need for protective eye- wear, especially if they're motorcy- cling, skydiving or engaging in any number of other fast-moving activi- ties. In some frames, foamy inserts create a seal around the eye's orbital rim while side shields add peripheral protection. Within the Climate Control Series From sweat and fying debris to changing light conditions and taking a tumble, athletes run into myriad ob- stacles when playing hard. As an eye- care professional, your understanding of their needs can be a game changer when it comes to selling sports sun- wear. Knowing the following fve criti- cal components will get you geared up to make the perfect recommendations for your active patients. 1. AIRFLOW CONTROL When athletes in motion heat up and perspire, lenses can fog up. Sports sunwear with built-in ventilation is a surefre solution to this common problem. Costa's Rafael features the brand's signature three-square-holes venting system, which alleviates lens fogging. This airfow control is built Bollé 5th Element Pro Rudy Project Synform Revo Cusp S from ClearVision Costa Rafael Liberty Sport Pursuit adidas Sport Evil Eye Pro from Silhouette

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