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tection products and create rapid adoption of these new products. Essi- lor cares about the eye health of patients and therefore we've intro- duced a new innovation, Smart Blue Filter, which is embedded on a clear lens in Varilux Digital, Eyezen+ and Transitions lenses. Now, millions will have access to protection against harmful blue light at no additional cost, further fulfilling our mission to improve lives by improving sight. As it relates to our Eye Protect Sys- tem, we know that for the ultimate eye protection it's critical to combine Smart Blue Filter lenses with Crizal. The Eye Protect System is a way to determine the best protection for dif- ferent patients. SAILER: Can you provide some insight into the expansion of Eyezen and Eyezen+ as more than a frame and lens solution? LEONARD: When we launched Eyezen glasses last year they were intended to serve as an everyday pair of glasses to provide comfort and protection for a generation of people, specifically Mil- lennials, who are known to be on smartphones, tablets and computers for hours at a time. We know that more than just Mil- lennials can experience the fatigue and impact of eyestrain, and with the launch of Smart Blue Filter, we are fur- ther investing in the brand by launch- ing Eyezen+ to protect all single vision users from harmful blue light and eye- strain. Eyezen+ lenses will be offered in all prescriptions and materials, and they will include a no-glare compati- bility to provide visual comfort and protection from harmful blue light to more than just Millennials. We are still developing a long-term strategy to make certain that Millen- nials are actively paying attention to the importance of their vision care. Eyezen glasses will be part of that, but in the meantime, and aligned with our mission, we know it's important to protect all single vision wearers. SAILER: How is the company reach- ing and building the Millennial mar- ket and attempting to get people into eyewear at a younger age and build- ing brand loyalty? LEONARD: Research conducted by The Vision Council shows that some Millennials spend at least nine hours a day in front of a digital screen. Their digital devices are a part of their life- style both at home and at work, caus- ing many to accept sore and fatigued eyes as a part of life. Essilor's innova- tive products must address the needs of patients in today's changing world. JOHN SAILER: What is the overall strategy behind the recent launch of the Eye Protect System and lenses that filter blue light? ERIC LEONARD: Our mission, improving lives by improving sight, is at the heart of everything we do. It's our responsibility to be at the fore- front of creating products to meet the needs of today's lifestyle, which includes more exposure than ever before to harmful blue light. And, since we are living longer, the cumu- lative effect of harmful light puts us at more risk for eye disease. Our journey to protect patients from harmful light has been rein- forced since 2012, when we launched Crizal UV, which provides the most comprehensive UV protection. In 2013, we launched Crizal Prevencia, which was the first selective no-glare lens on the market to provide protec- tion against harmful blue light. We know, however, that it can take a long time to introduce new eye pro- Eric Leonard is president of Essilor of America, the leading manufac- turer and wholesale distributor of optical lenses in the U.S. He's been with Essilor International in vari- ous capacities since 2002. ONE-TO-ONE "IT IS OUR GOAL TO CONNECT PATIENTS WITH INDEPENDENT EYECARE PROFESSIONALS FOR ANNUAL EYE EXAMS." Leonard O VCPN VISIONCAREPRODUCTS.COM 42 // APRIL 2016 Typically, people don't think about their eye health until their vision starts to fade. Eyezen was developed to address and reverse that trend. It is our job to build awareness of the importance of healthy vision at any age. It is our goal to connect patients with independent eyecare professionals for annual eye exams. This year, that focus is stronger than ever with an updated Essilor USA website and doctor locator as well as expanded national digital advertising for our premium brands. SAILER: What is the impetus behind Essilor's recent investments in doctor alliances/buying groups? LEONARD: We are seeing a significant amount of untapped opportunity in the optical market and a rapidly changing environment due to new entrants, healthcare changes and more. To support independent eyec- are professionals, we are making a number of investments, two of which are in Vision Source and PERC/IVA. We will continue to invest signifi- cantly in independents to provide them new innovative solutions including better marketing services, Essilor's innovative products must address the needs of patients in today's changing world.

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