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VCPN TOTALLYOPTICAL.COM 40 // APRIL 2016 The need to protect our eyes from the harmful blue light emitted from the electronic screens so prevalent in our lives today has led Essilor to embed its Smart Blue Filter as a standard, built-in feature in certain Varilux and Eyezen + digital lenses at no additional cost. Essilor's Smart Blue Filter absorbs around 20% of the harmful blue-vio- let light (the range of light between 415 and 455 nanometers) and allows beneficial blue-turquoise light to pass through the lens, all while maintaining an aesthetically clear appearance. E s s i l o r o f A m e r i c a , I n c • 8 0 0 . 5 4 2 . 5 6 6 8 • e s s i l o r u s a . c o m Working on the principle of absorp- tion, Essilor's Smart Blue Filter dif- fers from other blue light protection products available today that involve a coating applied to the lens that work on the principle of reflection, accord- ing to Pete Hanlin, technical marketing director, Essilor of America. "When light is reflected, the color of the reflected light becomes very appar- ent (in this case, the reflected light is bluish-purple in color)," he explained. "The Smart Blue Filter lens feature provides protection against harmful blue-violet light through the principle of absorption. When light is absorbed, the color being absorbed is not visually apparent. In this case, a portion of a very specific color is being absorbed, which allows the lens to retain an aesthetically clear appearance." While 20% of harmful blue-violet light is absorbed with the current Smart Blue Filter feature, extra blue- violet light protection can be achieved by adding Crizal Prevencia coating to some Smart Blue Filter lenses. "Even the best protection only works if the product is actually worn," Hanlin added. "By providing protec- tion that is clear in appearance, we anticipate greater consumer accep- tance of the feature. Additionally, Smart Blue Filter lenses are available in a wide variety of materials, making it easier for the practitioner to use in their everyday practice. By including this blue light filtering feature in many of our existing branded prod- ucts, by the end of 2016, millions of eyes will receive added protection against harmful blue-violet light." EMBEDDED PROTECTION E s s i l o r ' s S m a r t B l u e F i l te r Co m e s S ta n d a rd Fo r S e l e c t Le n s e s NOTEWORTHY NOTEWORTHY

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