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D I G I TA L E Y E S T R A I N — YO U R PAT I E N TS A N D YO U R P R ACT I C E APRIL 2016 // 19 VISIONCAREPRODUCTS.COM VCPN SPOTLIGHT G U N N A R O P T I K S 8 8 8 . 4 8 6 . 6 2 7 0 / / g u n n a r s . c o m eration. Other symptoms of digital eye strain are blurry vision, dry eye, visual stress, and eye fatigue. PROVIDING SOLUTIONS GUNNAR's proprietary lenses help prevent the symptoms of digital eye strain and provide your patients' eyes with greater comfort during com- puter use and less fatigue afterwards. Our advanced optical technology ad- dresses all issues associated with digital eye strain including blocking 65% of (HEV) blue light. Available in an over- the-counter solution and in single- vision and progressive addition lenses with proprietary anti-refective coat- ings on both the front and rear, they eliminate glare, cut down refection, During a recent industry study by Opti-Research®, over 31% of eyecare practitioners who responded indicated that they "only occasionally" discussed digital eye strain with their patients. Yet in the 2016 Digital Eyestrain report form of digital eye strain. It is very clear that Americans are becoming increas- ingly digitized. More of our work, hob- bies, and activities are moving online. ( files/2416_VC_2016EyeStrain_Re- port_WEB.pdf) OUR DIGITAL WORLD We are visually connected to com- puters, tablets, phones, and games. Peering into the digital world for hours can disrupt your entire sys- tem: your eyes, neck and back, cir- cadian rhythm, and overall health. Digital eye strain has become an increasing problem for our digital generation. Cumulative exposure to artifcial blue light can contribute to vision problems such as cataracts and age-related macular degen- and allow viewers fewer distractions that can cause eye fatigue. IN PRACTICE Who better to promote eye health and the prevention of eye damage than eyecare professionals? GUNNARS are available in both prescription and over-the-counter solutions, provid- ing ECPs with multiple ways to service existing patients and attract new ones. ECPs can beneft by selling patients GUNNAR glasses as their second or third prescription pair. They can also increase revenue by promoting good eye health to patients and their fami- lies with over-the-counter versions to those who wear contacts or do not need corrective lenses. GUNNAR'S PROPRIETARY LENSES HELP PREVENT THE SYMPTOMS OF DIGITAL EYE STRAIN AND PROVIDE YOUR PATIENTS' EYES WITH GREATER COMFORT DURING COMPUTER USE AND LESS FATIGUE AFTERWARDS. issued by The Vision Council, 60% of Americans use digital devices for fve or more hours a day, and 65% of Americans currently suffer from some

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