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USED and REBUILT OPTICAL EQUIPMENT * SURFACING EQUIPMENT * * EDGING EQUIPMENT * * FINISHING EQUIPMENT * * AR EQUIPMENT * BUY OR SELL 714-963-8991 • Barry Shepard • California USED OPTICAL MACHINERY, LLC USED EQUIPMENT APRIL 2016 // 109 VISIONCAREPRODUCTS.COM VCPN LAB SPOTLIGHT Optical labs today are confronted with more competitive and profit pressures than ever before. In order to maintain a presence with both existing and prospective customers, lab owners are looking for ways to create brand aware- ness and also showcase the unique products and services they offer. Lab Spotlight is designed to do just that; at a very cost effective investment and min- imal dedication of time, the optical lab can have a robust ad/marketing program. Contact your FVMG rep to find out pricing and more. By order of the President * First Central Congress; "Affordable Eyecare Act" Immediate action required. - This package is easy to understand. - No one will be denied. - Pick a plan that fts your patient's budget and needs. *The President: Lloyd Yazbek iVista™ is a digital full backside surfaced progressive . Patient Protection (replacement) - One year frame & lens one time only No further discount applies. Net billing. 6981 Southern Blvd., Youngstown, OH 44512 800-322-6678 VALUE PLAN PLASTIC POLYCARBONATE The Congressman (Single Vision) $25.00 $35.00 The Speaker (D28) $35.00 $45.00 The President (iVista ™ ) $69.00 $79.00 • Add Oc2+ A/R to any plan for $35.00 • Add Transition to any plan for $45.00 • Add Varilux Comfort to any plan for $40.00 Frame & Lens Package 20 selected frames (LBI) and lens under the Affordable Eyecare Act is available to order only on Now featuring Casino and Jelly Bean budget frames. About the Lab Located inYoungstown,OH,Central One Optical is a family-owned laboratory featuring premium products, services, a nd edu cational training as well as in-office training to ECPs nationally. Central began a partnership with Optical One, another Youngstown-based wholesale lab, in 2012. Central's commitment to the eyecare community is the advancement of technological improvements to better serve the industry as a whole. In addition to a state of-the-art facility, Central has recently linked its surfacing, AR, and finishing rooms together with a conveyor system that produces greater efficien- cies and turnaround time. The AR facility features Central's own Oc2 and Oc2+ (both VSP approved) as well as "all" Crizal ® lens treatments. The lab is equipped to handle any and all wrap style frames and custom style lens designs. With the ever-increasing popularity of free-form, Central is one of a few labs that can produce any digitally surfaced lens from Essilor, Shamir, or Seiko while offering its own in-house designs, including iCentauri, iVista, and iCentauriPro ™ . Each design is specific to pa- tients' ind ividual needs, whether for general use, reading, or intermediate. The educational staff can provide training on a variety of top ics, staff training at any level, and practice management programs to assist in increasing ECPs' profitability. Orders are accepted in any format, through VisionWeb, Eyefinity third party, and Central One's website. Seeing Tomorrow Today CENTRAL ONE OPTICAL Markets Served National. Premium Products & Services In-house AR: O c 2, O c 2+, Crizal, Crizal ® Alizé, CrizalAvancé ™ UV, Improved HOUSE AREZ with Essilor's patented Pad Control System ™ ; Photochromics: Coppertone ™ , InstaShades ® , LifeRx ® , SunSensors ® , andTransitions ® ; Polarized: NuPolar ® , Xperio ™ , and SunRx ® ; Progressives: iCentauri, iVista, iCentauri Pro, KODAK, Seiko, Shamir, Varilux ® . In-house digital brands include, from Essilor: Varilux Physio ® Enhanced, DEFINITY2 ® , Ideal, Accolade Free- dom ™ , and all Varilux 360° products; and from Shamir: Autograph III ® , Spectrum ™ , and Element ™ . Lens Brands AO SOLA, Essilor, KBco, Polycore, Shamir, Signet Armorlite, Specialty Lens, Varilux, Vision-Ease, X-Cel, Younger. Special Promotions Value, Kids, and Drilled rimless packages, second-pair program, Back to School, Essilor Edge, Signet Armorlite PracticePlus ™ program, Shamir Rewards, and BluTech. Insurance Plans VSP, VBA, eyemed, and others. Location 6981 Southern Blvd. Boardman, OH 44512 Contact P. 800-322-6678, 330-783-9660 F. 800-897-9725, 330-783-9721 Web Site, Facebook, Twitter 105

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