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INTERFACES WITH THE OFFICE'S PRACTICE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Some of them Yes Yes., Compulink Advantage, MyVisionExpress, Crystal PM, MaximEyes, Revolu- tionEHR, etc. Yes., Compulink Advantage, MyVisionExpress, Crystal PM, OfceMate, Revolu- tionEHR, MaximEyes, etc. Yes Not at this time Yes. Compulink, MyVisionExpress and MaximEyes. Also integrates with Labzilla and DVI lab software No No Yes. OfceMate Yes. Shows frst time progressive lens wearer how to use and look through their lenses correctly No Yes. Essilor-branded product education video and interac- tive tools Yes. Generic product education video and interactive tools Yes Yes No No No No PATIENT EDUCATIONAL VIDEOS All All Almost all lenses with very few exceptions Any lens that requires measurements. (See Fitting Measurements at left) All All All All All All USED FOR MEASUR- ING ALL LENSES OR JUST COMPANY'S OWN LENSES All All Can order all of them, from Standard Single Vision to the latest in PAL technology N/A All All All All N/A All USED FOR ORDER- ING ALL LENSES OR JUST COMPANY'S OWN LENSES Only patented technology that can determine the optimum corridor length based on the patient near convergence The i.Terminal 2's laser speckle target gives the patient a distance object to focus on so you can measure true distance PDs without efects of accomodation. The i.Terminal mobile comes with a multi- licensing fee without any additional costs Customers who purchase from HOYA will receive a special incentive where they earn additional HHP points for six months on orders A special rebate program through Luzerne Optical allows you to recoup the entire purchase price of the iFit Dispensing System. Works with iPad Air, Air 2, and iPad Mini. Updates available through the App Store at no charge The EY-Stick's Patented Swing Assembly captures a patient's natural pos- ture. It obtains precise Seg Height measurements modeled on the dotting process without the Sharpie by locking the break arm of the assembly The Shamir SPARK is a 3D ophthalmic measuring device which utilizes an iPad's camera and calculates all of the patient's frame measure- ments based on ONE picture without any measuring clips Visual simulations help the ECP educate patients, including an augmented-reality capability that allows patients to "see" through their new lenses beam Technology allows ECPs to calculate position-of-wear measure- ments with no attachment to a patient's frame, integration allows for seamless VSP claim fling, and access to the full Frames Data catalog SPECIAL FEATURES APRIL 2016 // 101 VISIONCAREPRODUCTS.COM VCPN AN OVERVIEW OF FEATURES IN MEASUREMENT AND SELECTION TOOLS. B Y R O B E R T L E R O S E

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