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MEASUREMENT DEVICES AT - A - GLANCE FITTING MEASUREMENTS Yes. Monocular PD far and near, total PD, A, B, DBL, ftting height, vertex, panto, wrap, inset, preferred corridor length Yes Yes. Pupillary distances (mono/total), ftting heights, natural head position, A, B, DBL, pantoscopic tilt, wrap angle, vertex distance, and more Yes. Monocular PD total PD ftting heights, segment heights, bifocal heights A, B, DBL, vertex distance, wrap angle, pantoscopic tilt and more Yes Yes. It provides all Point-of-Wear (POW) measurements necessary for today's digital and freeform products Yes. Able to obtain 10 measurements from one single image Yes. Measurements include ftting height, panoramic angle, pantoscopic tilt, mono PD, vertex distance, etc. Monocular PD far and near, monocular ftting heights, pantoscopic tilt, back vertex distance, reading distance, face form angle, A, B and DBL Yes. PD, ftting height, pantoscopic tilt, back vertex, and frame wrap Yes. Not a try-on of virtual frames but real frames try-on Yes, only i.Terminal 2 Yes. Frame try-on and comparison Yes. Frame try-on and comparison Yes Yes Yes. Allows patients to compare up to four diferent frames No clip-ons or add-ons needed on patient's frames Not a try-on of frames, but allows the user to take pic- tures of an individual wearing frames for comparison Yes. otto can capture patient photos for comparing and sharing selected frames FRAME TRY - ON MODE COMPANY LENS DEMONSTRATIONS Yes Yes, this is incorpo- rated in i.Com mobile Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes DESKTOP/KIOSK OR TABLET iPad application only. An iPad stand (desktop or freestanding) is available at additional charge i.Terminal 2 is a tower; i.Terminal mobile is iPad based Freestanding digital measuring system m'eyeFit: tablet. m'eyeFit mirror: Mirror with software can be installed into laptop, desktop, and tablet with USB port Tablet Tablet (iPad) iFit is available with an optional tabletop or foor stand at an additional charge iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air and iPad Air 2 iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPad Air (version 1) Compatible with the latest version of the iPad. Includes a backplate that may also be used as a tabletop stand. Tablet: Currently ofered for 3rd generation iPad models and newer MODEL NAME Smart Mirror Mobile App ZEISS i.Terminal 2; ZEISS i.Terminal mobile Visiofce 2 m'eyeFit digital mea suring portfolio (m'eyeFit and m'eye– Fit mirror systems) Spectangle PRO iFit Dispensing System OptikamPad Shamir SPARK KODAK Lens ids (Intelligent Dispensing Software) One Touch to Optical (otto) JANUARY 2016 // XX VISIONCAREPRODUCTS.COM VCPN MEASURING UP VCPN VISIONCAREPRODUCTS.COM 100 // APRIL 2016 ABS INC. 888-989-4227 CARL ZEISS VISION, INC. 800-358-8258 ESSILOR OF AMERICA, INC. 800.542.5668 HOYA VISION CARE, NORTH AMERICA 877.528.1939 LUZERNE OPTICAL LABORATORIES, LTD. 800.233.9637 OPTIKAM TECH, INC. 888.356.3311 SHAMIR INSIGHT, INC. 877.514.8330 SIGNET ARMORLITE, INC. 800.759.0075 VSP OPTICS GROUP Bi z SOLUTIONS

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